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Technological Advances Meet Compassionate Care at Our Walk In Clinic in Kelowna, BC

WalkInVirtualClinics is proud to be among the best walk in clinics Kelowna, and for one great reason: our revolutionary healthcare delivery system decreases wait times without sacrificing patient care. Register with us to receive instant access to doctors via our virtual walk in clinic based in Kelowna.

What Our Kelowna Walk In Clinic Doctors Can Help With?

Viral Illness

‣ Cold & Flu
‣ Covid-19


Get Your Prescriptions Online

Lab Test Reports

‣ Diagnose conditions
‣ Health evaluations
‣ Review lab Reports

Specialist Referral

‣ Allergist
‣ Cardiologist
‣ Dermatologist
‣ Gastroenterologist
‣ General Surgeon
‣ Obstetrician/Gynecologist
‣ Orthopedics

Specified Care

‣ Chronic Disease
‣ Diabetes
‣ Hypertension (blood pressure)

Sick Notes

‣ Travel restriction
‣ Work/School Absence

Connect to Walk in Clinic Kelowna in 4 Steps​

We’ve integrated user friendly technology for your medical convenience, get started with only a few steps.


Create an account by following the easy steps.


Describe your symptoms so we can schedule you with the most readily available doctor.


See the next available doctor or select the most appropriate time slot for your schedule.


Virtually meet with our doctor at your selected time by phone, tablet or computer

Doctor providing his services through online walk in clinic in Kelowna

Long Wait Time Problem at Walk In Medical Clinics in Kelowna

Kelowna’s reputation as the jewel of the Okanagan valley is well-deserved. But with nearly 150,000 residents and only a handful of walk in medical clinics available to serve them, none of which are open late, finding a doctor on short notice can be stressful.

WalkInVirtualClinics delivers quick access to doctors at our virtual walk in clinic in Kelowna. Register with us—it’s completely free for valid holders of British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan coverage.

Healthcare Made Easier Now

Connect with local doctors, easy as 1-2-3 with our Kelowna walk in clinic.

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No more waiting around in crowded waiting rooms.

How Our Walk In Medical Clinic in Kelowna Can Help With?
  • Same day assessment and treatment of common medical issues
  • Chronic care management for conditions like asthma and diabetes
  • Referrals to specialists directly from our walk in clinic
  • Prescriptions faxed to your pharmacy
What Walk In Clinic Kelowna Patient Says?

Testimonials From New Patients Accepted By Our Doctors:

Jennifer Roberts, 28yr Kelowna, BC

This site is a godsend on days I forget to refill my medication

Donna Faulkner, 36yr Kelowna, BC

Even out of province I could see a doctor fast. It’s amazing this site is covered by the province

Have a Question?

Know more about Walkinvirtualclinics

The doctors at WalkInVirtualClinics are able to provide requisitions for lab work and generally will for a variety of common conditions; lab work helps your doctor get a better overall picture of your health. However, our walk-in clinic does not have a lab inside it; many clinics forward patient samples to specialized labs for analysis. The requisition will be faxed either to you or to a lab of your choice.

No. Only doctors are eligible to write prescriptions in Canada and all prescriptions must be accompanied with a consultation.

All our doctors are licensed to practice general or family practice medicine with the Royal College of Canada and in good standing with the Medical Council of Canada. The only difference between the doctors at WalkInVirtualClinics and a standard walk-in clinic or urgent care clinic is that your consultations are done online, not face to face.