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Walk in clinic online check in offers various options for virtual consultations on any medical issue when you need it with a licensed Canadian Doctor. You get the same standard of medical care whether you visit us in person or virtually without even leaving your home!

Make a doctor’s appointment online with Walk In Virtual Clinics and experience the best of telehealth appointments.

Book a walk in clinic appointment online and share your concerns with a physician through videoconferencing. All your information will remain private and confidential, so you don’t need to worry about anyone knowing about your medical condition apart from the doctor.

The benefits of telemedicine services include lower waiting times, easy access to doctors, and customized care. There is always a medical assistant to assist you.

With a walk in clinic online appointment, you are empowered to take your healthcare decisions by making technology work for you.

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Booking A Walk In Clinic Appointment Online Makes Treatment Easy

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Make a doctor’s appointment online and we’ll notify you when it’s your turn.

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The medical advisor online provides all documents including prescriptions

Book Online Walk In Clinic Appointment For Quality Healthcare

Most Canadians using a walk in clinic online appointment during the pandemic were satisfied with the experience.

Get MSP-covered telehealth assessments from home with a medical advisor online.

Online check in walk in clinic ensures an online appointment within a timely manner.

Talk To A Doctor Online Anytime, Anywhere

Free Health Coverage

A walk in clinic booking online offers free services in BC and competitive packages in other provinces.

Continuous Quality Care

With a walk in clinic online appointment, you will be ensured to have follow-up appointments.

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Stay Connected Always

When you book an online walk in clinic appointment, you can connect easily with your doctor on any mobile device.

Variety of Specialists

The online check in walk in clinic feature gives you access to get referrals to physiotherapists, naturopaths, and more.

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Complete Confidentiality

Enjoy the safety of all your medical data when you make a doctor’s appointment online.

Expanding Service Offerings

You can look forward to more value-added services and healthcare professionals when you book a walk in clinic online.

Zero Waiting Time With A Medical Advisor Online

A walk in clinic online appointment understands that your time is valuable and ensures no waiting with access to our doctors 365 days a year. All you need to do is register yourself at our website for a medical advisor online and say goodbye to the waiting room.

Choose a time slot that suits you and get notified well before the appointment. Existing patients can get a booking a day before the consultation, so reserve your seat now.

The Book online walk in clinic feature was created to provide easy access to healthcare. There are no checkups done, specific health issues are addressed. The physicians from the offline clinic need to be on a rotation schedule at the online check in walk in clinic, so don’t be surprised if you find your family doctor addressing your problems.

All your medical information is recorded in an exclusive electronic file so that the medical advisor online can access your records and schedule an appointment for follow-up.

Do’s & Don’ts When You Talk To A Doctor Online

Ask Doctors Questions Online For All Your Health Problems

Yes, an online check in walk in clinic is safe. You are connected to a licensed Canadian physician. Your course of treatment is the same as the offline mode with the doctor examining your past medical history. If the doctor feels that telehealth is not appropriate for you, you will be asked to seek treatment in person at a hospital or clinic.

A walk in clinic online appointment can be made simply with the click of a button. The first step is to click on the book now button. You then need to select the type of consultation you are looking for such as a video or phone.

Are you seeking an appointment for yourself or someone else? Who is the provider that you need an appointment with? The last step would include either signing up or logging in to complete the medical advisor online appointment process.

With a walk in clinic online appointment, you will be provided with a doctor that’s selected at random from our team of highly qualified Canadian Doctors.

The over the phone doctor appointment is not covered by all provinces. The provincial health insurance plan covers a virtual appointment in British Columbia. You will be updated as soon as the online virtual clinic is expanded to other provinces.

If you are a resident of British Columbia, there will be no charge for a medical advisor online. You could get reimbursed through private insurance in the other provinces.

Over the phone doctor appointments are free in British Columbia. While you need to pay in the other provinces, changes are expected soon. If you don’t have valid coverage, then pricing will depend on the type of appointment you are seeking. You don’t pay any extra charges if you exceed your stipulated appointment time.