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Allergies affect millions of Canadians per year. If you’re suffering from allergies, contact the doctors at WalkInVirtualClinics. Our online clinic can assess your allergy symptoms and provide you recommendations for treatment as well as provide you with a referral to see an allergist for allergy testing.

Many symptoms can indicate allergies. The most common ones are swelling, itching, rashes, watery eyes, sneezing, and congestion. More severe allergies can impede breathing and even be a medical emergency. If you suspect you may have allergies, consult with WalkInVirtualClinics to get a referral for allergy testing today!

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Choose the time that works best for you. Someone from our clinic will contact you to provide you with your appointment time.

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Speak to our general physicians and detail your allergy symptoms and what treatments, if any, you have tried.

Final Steps

Get the referral to see an allergist you need, prescription allergy medication, or follow up for more lab work or blood testing.

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Our experienced primary care physicians can determine whether your allergies can be treated at home or require the attention of a qualified allergist in Canada. WalkInVirtualClinic’s secure platform connects you with your primary care physician and gets the referral to an allergist process moving.

How Does It Work?

Describe Your Symptoms

Write down your symptoms and the duration and whether you noticed any triggers that might have caused them.

Talk To A Doctor

Talk to WalkInVirtualClinic’s online general physicians at your appointment and provide them your medical history.

Receive A Diagnosis & Prescription

After your online allergy consultation, your doctor will refer you to an allergist and provide you with a prescription for allergy medication, if applicable.

Receive Hassle-Free Care

WalkInVirtualClinics simplifies the referral process and puts your health back in your hands.

Completely Private & Confidential

Our system protects your data and all interactions are confidential.

Always Growing

Our team of compassionate doctors is working to offer you even more services.

What Our Online Allergy Consulting Provides


Diagnosing your exact allergy triggers is difficult to do, as many allergens may cause a delayed allergic reaction. Getting a referral for allergy testing through WalkInVirtualClinics will help you determine which allergens to avoid, and which you can safely consume.

Allergies can often be treated by over-the-counter medication. However, if your allergy is severe or triggers anaphylactic shock, you may require prescription medication, which your doctor will provide you.

The most important aspect of allergy treatment is avoiding allergens and triggers. However, immunosuppressant medication and anti-histamines can provide relief.

Get a referral to see an allergist online from WalkInVirtualClinics and work with your doctor to come up with a comprehensive action plan to treat your allergies.