Telehealth BC for Patients During the Pandemic by Doctors

Virtual telehealth is revolutionizing health care in British Columbia. Get access to primary care physicians quickly via the best telehealth services provided by WalkInVirtualClinics.

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british columbia telehealth services for patients

Best Telehealth Services in BC During Pandemic

All patients covered by British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan can access quick, quality telehealth doctors online via WalkInVirtualClinic’s safe, secure service. Remote telehealth removes geographic barriers to accessing quality telehealth virtual care and allows patients from all over BC to make an appointment.

Secure Telehealth for Patients

A number of factors can prevent BC patients from getting access to the healthcare they need and deserve. Busy schedules, chronic conditions and barriers to entry like long wait times mean that as many as 45% of Canadians don’t see a doctor as often as they should. Access WalkInVirtualClinic’s telehealth online to consult with some of the best telehealth doctors in your area. Request a virtual appointment at a time and date that works for you.

How British Columbia Telehealth Works

Appointment for telehealth BC

Select Appointment

Select your appointment time and date and give the telehealth providers your information.

Consult BC telehealth specialist

Meet Your Doctor

Meet your telehealth doctor and describe your symptoms, your medical history and list the medications you’re taking.

Avail medicine prescription for patients

Get Your Prescription

Receive a diagnosis, non-narcotic prescription, or doctor’s note for your insurance company or workplace

Sign Up for Virtual Healthcare Services Now

Most appointments with WalkInVirtualClinic are covered by BC’s MSP program, so all you need to do to access secure telehealth online with us is sign up. Select the appointment time and receive a call from our receptionist to get access to our virtual healthcare services.

WalkInVirtualClinic’s British Columbia telehealth allows children, parents, elderly people and people living with chronic conditions to get medical telehealth consultations from anywhere in the province. Save the waiting time and crowded clinic and make an appointment with our telehealth clinic today.

How Does Our Virtual Telehealth Work?

WalkInVirtualClinic’s secure service provides telehealth for patients to:

Get telehealth Service in BC

Make appointments quickly

Same-day or next day appointments with our telehealth doctors are common.

remote telehealth to start consultation with Doctor

Consult with doctors via video

See and hear your doctor and consult with them over a secure channel.

Register to talk with online doctor BC

Register to Start Consultation

Provide us your medical history and get better service over time. Specialist can do quick diagnosis

Manage prescriptions

Review, renew, and refill prescriptions for non-narcotic substances.

telehealth british columbia is Covered by MSP

Pay by provincial insurance

Basic medical telehealth is covered via BC’s MSP.

Keeping medical telehealth patient data security

Keep their data safe

Our secure system provides good telehealth virtual care while protecting clients’ info.

The Benefits of Telehealth for Patients

Telehealth in BC is changing the lives of patients one appointment at a time. Using our virtual healthcare services allows you to:


Provide our telehealth clinic with your basic information, like your address and healthcare card number, and the appointment time that works for you. Come prepared with your medical history and list of medications and write down any questions you’d like to ask your telehealth doctor.

WalkInVirtualClinic’s secure platform is available over phone with iOS or Android, desktop or laptop computer, or tablet. Be sure your device is running the latest operating system and you’ve updated your web browser for best results.

Currently, basic telehealth virtual care is covered by BC’S MSP program. You must be a valid program member without an expired card. There may be extra fees for virtual healthcare services for doctors’ notes, prescriptions, and other necessary medical services not covered by your province. Consult with your provincial healthcare provider to be sure.

WalkInVirtualClinics follows all Canadian laws concerned data protection and confidential healthcare information. Our medical telehealth is safe and secure thanks to our proprietary virtual telehealth care delivery systems.

Yes. Your telehealth doctor has the same prescribing privileges as any doctor working in Canada. Your telehealth doctor will even fax your prescription directly to your pharmacy. However, no prescriptions will be provided for narcotics such as opioids, amphetamines, benzodiazepines or other drugs liable for abuse.

Yes. Telehealth in BC plays an important role in reducing wait times in Canada and providing patients in remote areas access to quality telehealth virtual care. These flexible systems increase patient choice and healthcare availability.

Some conditions require lab work requisitions or in-person testing. Your telehealth doctors may require you to access a lab near you for additional testing like bloodwork, an STI panel, to check medication levels or to assess the health of your kidneys and liver. Virtual telehealth exceeds at treating many issues but some issues do need in-person assessment.

In Canada, all patients must see a primary care physician before seeing a specialist like a cardiologist, dermatologist or allergist. Telehealth BC services like WalkInVirtualClinics let you make this process faster and easier.

Telehealth Testimonials from British Columbia

Jonathan, 28yr North Vancouver, BC

I was surprised at how fast and easy this process was, and even more surprised when the virtual healthcare services were covered by my BC MSP program.

Chen, 44yr Delta, BC

Because of my busy lifestyle, I can’t usually see the doctor. Telehealth in British Columbia changed all of that and made a huge difference to my health, letting me review my prescriptions online.

Doyali, 36yr Langford, BC

I am always so worried about my immunocompromised child, especially during the pandemic. Now that we don’t have to go to the waiting room and can get remote telehealth on our smartphones, I feel a lot better.

Ayman, 27Yr Coquitlam,BC

WalkInVirtualClinics made a huge difference to my health. Period.