Virtual General Health Care Canada

In the digital world, Canadians are looking for faster and more efficient high-tech healthcare systems. With advanced mobile telecommunications and artificial intelligence, virtual healthcare is revolutionizing the way in which patients and doctors connect.

Medical professionals have been using virtual healthcare for years. WalkInVirtualClinic has revolutionized the virtual healthcare platform by providing patients access to care the way they want it, when they want it, through any mobile device. The intelligent software dynamically interviews patients, processes their answers to gather information, and supports providers in the care delivery process, resulting in more thorough patient interviews than in-person or video-based remote care solutions.

Consultation At Your Fingertips!

All online health care consultants are covered by MSP, OHIP and AHCIP. Get your consultation from the comfort of your home and it’s easy as:

Book An Appointment

Request your appointment online and get instant confirmation

Complete Intake Form

Fill a pre-assessment form online with no hassle

Speak With A Doctor

Talk to a doctor and receive advice, referral, or prescription

Types of Specified Care

Consultation Made Easy

Connect to a WalkInVirtualClinics doctor in just a few clicks.

  • On-demand access to Canadian licensed doctors.
  • Connect by web using phone, tablet or computer from anywhere.
  • Get medical treatment for non-emergency conditions

What Makes Us Unique?


Free for residents of BC, Ontario and Alberta. For people from other provinces or who do not have a valid health card, prices start at $50.

Speedy Care

Connect to the doctor by phone or video.

Doctor on-demand

Fast and easy to book a doctor consultation

Data Security

All your data is secured with bank-level encryption.

Variety of Care

Psychotherapists, Naturopaths, Veterinarians, and more.

Constant Growth

We are constantly growing our team of highly qualified health professionals.

Virtual Clinics For You

Seek help for general health concerns like COVID-19 assessments, acute pain, chronic pain, men and women’s health, and much much more. All services are done confidentially online by professionals and are covered by MSP, AHCIP, and OHIP.

Benefits Of Virtual Care

During a virtual care visit, doctors can diagnose and write prescriptions. They can also refer you to a specialist. General health care online can help with:

Virtual general health care can give you access to doctors who can :


Virtual healthcare, also known as telemedicine, is the delivery of medical services over the internet or phone. In this, you communicate with a healthcare provider remotely, rather than in-person.

Absolutely! Virtual Healthcare is the future of healthcare in Canada and around the world. Minor health conditions can be treated remotely, safely and effectively, virtually. Our 2017 survey showed that 94% of our patients would recommend an online walk in clinic for health care to their friends and family.

If you do not see your family doctor listed when booking your appointment and would like to book a visit with them, call us so that we can improve our online medical care scheduling service, consult their schedule and assist you with the booking.

Virtual Healthcare provides patients virtual general health care in Canada and connects them with doctors online, via video, text, or audio. Doctors can examine areas of concern visually and question them about their symptoms and health history to determine their diagnosis, and provide them with the best treatment plan, just like in-person doctors.

Maple is a virtual healthcare platform. Through Maple, you can speak with doctors through text or video and receive online general health care diagnoses and prescriptions. Your prescription can be sent to a pharmacy or even be delivered to your doorstep.