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It is important to ensure your skin’s health and vitality. If you are experiencing severe acne or any other skin problems please feel free to contact us. Booking an appointment to speak with an online dermatologist in Canada starts by getting a referral from your family doctor. At WalkinVirtualClinics, we can help with that.


If your skin has become reddened and itchy then it may be due to a rash. You may experience dryness, itchiness, after having your skin rubbed against something. Apply skin ointments and moisturizers regularly can help to ease these syptoms. Consulting with a reliable Dermatologist online in Canada would be the best thing for you to do.

Your skin problems can be effectively diagnosed by an online skin doctor referred by us. Your skin allergies can be diagnosed by the Patch test. Allergens are applied to the skin surface to detect any reactions. You can detect bacteria, fungus, or any virus through Culture tests. In that test, the skin or the nail’s surface is scratched to detect any issues. A biopsy helps in tackling grave conditions such as skin cancer.

If you have any skin problems such as acne, skin aging, skin damage or other problems then consult a skin specialist. Go to a Dermatologist if you want to deal with scar treatments, skin cancer, inflammation, fungal infection, eczema, etc. Our online consultation will make sure you get an accurate online skin assessment and treatments through referral.