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Get a sick note online effortlessly by a doctor via email. You will be able to stay in the comfort of your own home and get your ailment diagnosed through an online consultation. You no longer need to leave home to get a the sick note to ensure your health is taken care of.

Getting a doctor’s sick note online will help you get access to an accurate diagnosis of your problem and the proper prescription for it. You can simply talk with your doctor on your phone and they will deliver you the sick note after providing an effective diagnosis. 

Consider visiting the doctor in person if the issue is serious or grave.

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Here are the 3 simple steps to connect with the doctor

Send a Request

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Personalized Reports

Take a break from your school or work through an online doctor sick note.

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Why Buy Sick Note Online?

Contagious illness

If you are subject to a disease that can infect others. It is wise to stay home and get a sick note.


Not able to perform well due to any injury? Then getting a sick note will prevent further injury to yourself.

Medical Appointment

You can get a sick note if you aren’t able to come for a doctor’s appointment in person.

Diagnosed Condition

Already have a diagnosed condition? Get a sick note to inform your boss.


If you aren’t able to go to a hospital then consider getting a sick leave.

Pregnancy or Delivery

If you are undergoing pregnancy then it is crucial to take a sick leave online.

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You can effectively use a sick note as credible proof to stay absent from your work. You can effortlessly buy fit note online and take the necessary rest to regain your vitality. It is hassle-free to get a fit note online through guidance from experienced health practitioners. 

It can prove to be detrimental to your health and you may even lose your job. To avoid getting into a complicated issue, get an instant sick note from us.


You can easily buy fit note online by putting a request through your online account. The doctor will analyze your issue in the consultation session and provide you a sick note.

Yes. You can pay around $10 to $30 online for your sick note and that amount also covers your consultation fees. You can save time by doing it entirely online.

Yes, you can get backdated sick notes for up to two to four weeks. You can fully rest and receive by taking a break from your work through the online doctor sick note. The doctor will provide you suggestions that need to be taken seriously even if you get back to work. The doctor will decide whether to give you a sick note or note. If he/she will give you the fit note, it will reach you instantly via mail or post.

Yes, absolutely. Online doctor sick note will serve as a ground of credibility that you can show to your school. It will provide your institution or school enough information about your health situation. The sick note will be authenticated by your school through our verification codes. Everything will be taken care of. You will just need to rest.