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Get a referral to a licensed Canadian specialist right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Patients can be led to a Canadian specialist by getting a referral from a doctor on This benefits those patients in rural or remote areas with limited access to doctors as well as mobility issues. If your doctor does not currently offer video consultation, let us know and we can approach him/her to offer our secure video platform for them to join our online team of doctors.

How Does It Work?

Connect with a specialist in 3 simple steps –

Describe your symptoms online

Click on the "Book appointment" button and you will be connected to a doctor.

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Get a phone or video consultation from one of our doctors.

Get a diagnosis or prescription

The doctor will diagnose and provide prescriptions

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What Makes Us Different?

Efficient doctor scheduling

Online consultations allows doctors to see more patients and provide care for urgent patients.

Speedy care

Connect with a doctor by phone, tablet, or computer.

Doctor on-demand

With plenty of doctors on our team, you can get an appointment on-demand.

Data security

All your data is secured with bank-level encryption.

Variety of care

Psychotherapists, Naturopaths, Veterinarians, and more.

Constant growth

We are constantly growing our team of highly qualified health professionals.

Why And How To Get A Specialist Referral?

Patients with serious medical issues need to get a referral from a physician to see a specialist. 

Visit a physician to get a referral.

Follow these steps to request a referral:

  1. Visit your online doctor for an evaluation and assessment for the most appropriate specialist referral.
  2. Once an appointment is made by your online doctor, you will be contacted with all the details of your upcoming appointment.


If you have a new health concern, start with visiting your primary care doctor (also known as a personal physician). Physicians are trained to care for many health issues. The doctor will help you decide if you need to see a specialist for evaluation or treatment.

You can see some specialists without getting a referral from your physician. But sometimes, you may be asked to check with a physician to get primary care referrals to specialists, even if your health plan does not require referrals to specialist services. Your physician can help you determine the best steps for your healthcare.

Yes, you can choose which specialist you want to see, just like you can choose your personal physician. If you are seeing a specialist, and if you are not satisfied with your care for any reason, you can change your current specialist with a new one of your choice as well.

Yes, a doctor can issue a specialist referral, pathology/blood test request, or radiology/X-ray request, when clinically appropriate. Medicare specialist referral enables you to receive a Medicare rebate on your specialist appointment*. Pathology and Radiology tests may be bulk-billed by Medicare*.