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How To Get a Referral For a Specialist

Our primary care to specialist referral process is simple:

Describe your symptoms online

Book an appointment at your desired time to be admitted to our specialist referral clinic.

Chat with the doctor

Consult with our primary care physician and get a referral to a specialist.

Get a diagnosis or prescription

Your physician will provide a diagnosis, prescription, or online specialist referral as needed.

Online doctor referral Canada

At our virtual clinic, skip the waiting time and the hassle, and get yourself a doctor referral letter online from the comfort of your home. Our primary care physicians are ready to assist you.

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What Makes Us Different?

Efficient doctor scheduling

Our online system allows for more efficient scheduling, letting you get online medical referrals at times that work for you.

Speedy care

With no waiting room, we can provide you urgent care. Referrals to specialist happen faster.

Doctor on-demand

Select an appointment time and be connected to a doctor same-day during clinic hours.

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Data security

Our system protects your data and your confidentiality.

Variety of care

Get a referral for a specialist for a wide variety of doctors.

Constant growth

Our team is constantly growing to serve Canadians better.

The Primary Care to Specialist Referral Process:

Primary care physicians are able to deal with a wide variety of medical issues in Canada, but they are also the first step in the primary care to specialist referral process.

Follow these steps to request your online medical referral:

  1. Visit your doctor on WalkInVirtualClinics to have your problem assessed.
  2. Your primary care physician will provide you a doctor referral letter online for you to take your local specialist’s office.


While your primary care physician can handle many common maladies, specialist doctor referral is how the most complex and significant health issues are dealt with. If you’ve tried several treatments with your primary care physician with no success, it may be time to get a referral to a specialist.

In Canada, you must see a primary care physician first, and then receive a referral to a specialist. Primary care referrals to specialists help save healthcare costs and simplify the system for Canadians.

No. WalkInVirtualClinics is staffed by primary care physicians who can get you a specialist referral online as needed.

Absolutely! Our specialist referral clinic makes the primary care to specialist referral process faster and easier than before.