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One of the most trusted reliable online screening and consultation for COVID-19, delivered by a team of qualified and experienced doctors is what makes WalkInVirtualClinics a preferred choice. Experience the new world of healthcare where appropriate care comes first, without getting into hassles of long queues.

Get The Right Virtual Care Support For COVID-19

The virtual care support for COVID-19 serves as a safer mode of recognizing symptoms especially in the era that witnesses the startling number of infected cases. From consultation to the prescription renewals, every step can be accomplished using a video or simply a phone call.

Share Your Concern With Our Physician Now & Get Zero-Contact COVID-19 Online Doctor Consultation.

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Learn How Covid-19 Online Doctor Consultation Works

COVID-19 Online Screening Simplified!


Get trusted online screening and consultation for COVID-19 quickly and easily.


Have an insightful conversation with our healthcare Specialist using your computer or mobile phone.

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Receive the proper COVID-19 online doctor consultation and get the right diagnosis.

Accurate & Easy Online Consultation For COVID-19

Due to the advent of technology, gap between Patient and a Doctor has been bridged; this has truly contributed to a well-timed treatment. Here is how beneficial virtual care support for COVID-19 can be.

Get The Best COVID-19 Online Screening

There is a lack of knowledge about how COVID-19 affects human body. People are anxious due to the absence of testing kits and lack of treatments for this virus. But, we are here to answer all your questions.

Treatment at Your Convenience

Virtual COVID-19 screening or consultation means meeting the doctor and facilitating timely treatment.

No Time Wasted on Travelling

Online consultation for COVID-19 saves your valuable time on travelling and prevents infection.

Get a Digital Prescription for Your Diagnosis

With tele-health and virtual-health care, you get an online prescription for your symptoms.

Notification for Your Follow-Up Appointment

Quick and accurate notification for follow-up appointment.

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Get to Know Your Health Better

Share your symptoms, know your health and get proper consultation.

Eliminate Your Risks of Being Infected

Eliminate the risk of being infected.

Get Precise Screening For COVID-19 Online

It is difficult to differentiate between the pandemic and the seasonal flu because their symptoms are almost similar. You are at risk if you have a travel history to a COVID-19-affected country.

Important Precautions To Be Followed For COVID-19


You should get the test done if you have a travel history from a COVID-19 affected country or if you came in contact with someone infected by the disease.

COVID-19 online doctor consultation revolves around key steps – tests, diagnosis, medical opinion, and further advise. At WalkInVirtualClinic, care comes first. Leave your worries at bay.

After diagnosis, you will either be provided with a prescription, a suggestion for diagnostics tests, or advice from our doctors. 

In order to book another consultation, doctors need to review your reports.

Yes, you can get this information clarified by any of our doctors.