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Your family doctor holds your health in their hands

Working with a family doctors of BC improves your health, lessens your trips to the emergency room, and benefits your life in every way. But finding a family doctor in BC is challenging.

WalkInVirtualClinics helps you bridge the gap with our virtual family doctor service. Join our team of BC doctors accepting new patients and take your healthcare back into your hands.

Better healthcare | Happier families | Fewer side effects | Less stress

Why Do I Need a Family Doctor?

Family doctors are the first point of BC’s healthcare system. They perform triage, diagnose and treat minor ailments and health problems, as well as identify chronic issues and refer patients to specialists. The benefits to patients are simple.

But finding doctors accepting new patients in BC is anything but simple.

Family Doctor BC Ready to Provide Consultation

Finding A Family Doctor in BC

Most BC residents need to visit crowded walk-in clinics just to have their basic health needs addressed, and as a result, many go without medical care.

WalkInVirtualClinic’s team of BC family physicians can help. Sign up for our fast, easy service and select from our range of BC family doctors accepting new patients.

Get instant access to caring family physicians helping BC residents with their health needs.

How to Find a Family Dr in BC with US?

Register to consult with family doctor BC


With our clinic and get an appointment time for your consultation

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Select the same doctor whenever you need care

Our team of BC family physicians can review your medications, help manage your chronic conditions, and even fax prescriptions or doctors’ notes to your pharmacy.

What To Look For When Finding A Family Doctor?
  1. Caring beside manner. All patients deserve to find a family doctor that takes them seriously and listens to their concerns while gently correcting misinformation. If your family doctor doesn’t make you feel seen and heard, you may want to inquire about other doctors accepting new patients in your area.
  2. Your family doctor works with your other healthcare providers. The main benefit of having a BC family physician is they can work together with any specialist or healthcare provider you have, including your pharmacist, to ensure better care for you and your family.
Questions To Ask Your Family Doctor

Asking your BC family doctor the following questions can help improve your care:

Why Do I Need A BC family doctor?

Studies show that patients with family doctors are better educated about their own health, have better patient outcomes, and spend less time in the hospital than those without a family doctor.

With remote healthcare, you can find a family doctor while living anywhere in BC. Our virtual family doctor service allows you to request the same doctor each time you visit us, so you can get the quality care you require.

Your Source For BC Doctors Accepting New Patients

From Chilliwack to Kelowna, BC is blessed with the most beautiful and pristine natural scenery, including incredible mountainscapes, fertile fields, and unbelievable hiking trails. But it’s also cursed with some of the longest wait times to find a family doctor in the country.

The clinic at WalkInVirtualClinics is always growing and adding new doctors accepting patients for BC residents. Best of all, basic services are completely free for those enrolled in BC MSP.


Usually, you may request to see the same doctor at WalkInVirtualClinics. Leave a note for the staff member when you register your appointment time.

Come prepared with a list of your medications and your recent medical history, including family medical history if you have access to it. Ask your family doctor if they are accepting new patients.

Walk-in clinics in BC typically have long wait times – up to 3 hours. Our virtual family doctor service can save you and the healthcare system time and money.

Our BC family physicians at generally provide appointments as per schedule date and time. Also, assure to avoid any delays for consultation.

All the family physicians working at WalkInVirtualClinics are licensed to practice medicine in BC and have the exact same privileges and responsibilities as any doctor you’d see at a walk-in clinic or emergency clinic.

Hear From BC Patients That Found A Family Doctor With Us

Trini, 26yr Nanaimo, BC

Getting a family doctor in BC seemed impossible. This virtual family doctor helped me finally get care after years of looking.

John, 45yr Kamloops, BC

WalkInVirtualClinic’s doctors were accepting new patients in BC, so I signed up. It took me half a day. Couldn’t be easier!

Burnaby, 54yr Saltspring Island, BC

For the longest time I would go from walk-in clinic to walk-in clinic. I would often lose a half-day and sometimes a full day of work if the wait times were really long. I thought this was just how the healthcare system worked in BC. I’m so grateful for this team of family physicians!