Online Prescriptions from Canadian Doctors

Our professional doctors are here to give you guidance on your prescriptions. They will directly fax your prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy & also email you a copy if needed. You will be able to get or refill prescriptions that will adhere to all your health problems.

The doctor will send all the information about your prescriptions to the pharmacy. Therefore, when you arrive at your pharmacy, your medication will be ready for you.

Your essential prescription drugs can also be efficiently delivered to your home or picked up at your desired pharmacy location.

Get Rx Prescribed Online & Make The Process Easier

The Online prescription service uses reliable means. The information of your medicine will be effortlessly transferred to your preferred pharmacy through SR-fax technology. Your data will remain intact as the technology pertains to HIPAA & Canadian PHI guidelines. Online prescriptions for everything can be easily obtained.

Find Online Prescribing Effective:

Complete Your Online Visit

We are providing online prescriptions in Canada efficiently. You can do it through your laptop, phone, etc. Also, the data will be protected by SSL encryption. So, you will feel secured.

Get Your Prescription

Your prescription information will be sent to your desired pharmacy location effortlessly. Get Online prescriptions for everything & stay healthy.

Patient Choice Of Pharmacy

You have the free will to choose your own trusted pharmacy. The drugs will be readily available for you there through our online prescription service.

Get Rx Prescribed Virtually & Safely

Going through WalkInVirtualClinics will be the best decision for you in this pandemic. You can secure appointments, get expert guidance and a lot more through just a screen. You will Find Online Prescribing a lot more safe and practical. We are helping with Providing online prescriptions in Canada to fulfill your medical treatments.


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Online Prescription Service Uses SRFax:​

Create Rx

SRFax is in concurrence with HIPAA and will instantly generate your prescriptions.

Rx Status

You can freely connect with your chosen pharmacy store to check your medicine’s status.

Clinical Communication

The doctors can communicate with the pharmacy with security provided by SSL encryption.

Renew Rx

Our online prescription service allows you to easily renew your prescriptions by seeing one of our doctors.

Prescription Cancel

We can cancel your prescriptions digitally through PrescribeIT upon your orders.

Protecting Patient Data provided for appointment

Formulary Services

Public drug formularies will be checked to prescribe the right medicine & dosage.

Providing Online Prescriptions in Canada

You can simply open your laptop or phone and can get all the information you need about prescription drugs through our expert doctors. You can get your ailment diagnosed, assessed and treated through online means. We are always ready to provide you our sheer sincerity and guidance.

Feel free to connect with us as we are available for 24 hours and on holidays as well. Your health is our priority.


Surely. Our doctors will guide you in the process of choosing the right medication for you. However, you will have to pay for your prescriptions at the pharmacy store.

No. But, the doctor will help you choose the right prescription for you. Then the doctor approves the prescription and sends it to the pharmacy store. The doctor will extensively assess the prescription and will only then schedule it for dispatch.

Absolutely. Get online prescriptions by Canadian doctors that are approved by the majority of pharmacies in Canada. Our service is well known by most pharmacies.

You can get refills through the online means. You only have to provide your medication information to the doctor through an online consultation. You will then get online prescriptions by Canadian doctors.