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British Columbia’s beautiful scenery and laid-back attitude make it a natural destination for Western Canadians. Our virtual doctors accept BC patients from Kamloops, Kelowna, Vancouver, Victoria and anywhere else in British Columbia with access to the Internet. See a virtual doctor free for BC Canada residents with Medical Services Program membership.

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WalkInVirtualClinic’s advances in virtual healthcare gives BC residents access to doctors faster and more efficiently than before.

Adding virtual doctors’ visits to Canada’s healthcare system improves wait times and makes addressing BC’s healthcare needs easier for stressed medical systems.

Work with our team of remote healthcare professionals offering virtual doctor appointments to patients in need from anywhere in BC.

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During these unprecedented times, access to BC healthcare is even more important. Sign up for WalkInVirtualClinic’s system to get virtual consultations with BC doctors, paid for by Medical Services Plan. Skip the waiting times in crowded clinics with fast, easy, and affordable medical visits.

Remote healthcare through virtual means provides access to BC residents whether they live in Vancouver, Kamloops or Chilliwack. Connect to our BC virtual clinic to make an appointment with our team of BC virtual doctors. With state-of-the-art videoconference systems, our virtual clinic protects your information while providing clear audio and video virtual doctor appointments.

From Kelowna to Chilliwack and Beyond

The benefits of remote healthcare through a BC virtual clinic are immeasurable. Patients get the same quality of care they expect and meet with virtual doctors in, on average half the time they would wait in a physical clinic.

Remote health care is accessible to patients with disabilities and chronic conditions. It removes barriers to access for patients with physical disabilities, patients requiring special treatment like kidney dialysis, and patients in wheelchairs or with other mobility-assisted devices.

Not to mention with a medical network offering access to virtual doctors for BC patients from anywhere from Kamloops to Victoria. WalkInVirtualClinics improves patient treatment and provides access to patients in rural areas throughout BC.

Our BC Virtual Doctors Working For You
Accessing Your Virtual Doctor Appointment Is Easy. Here’s How:

Pull up our website and schedule your medical consultation with your virtual doctor. Fully-licensed members of Medical Council of Canada have prescribing privileges and can refer patients to specialists. Connect with any device, including iOS, Android, and laptop and desktop computers.


Basic services like medical consultations and visits with our team of BC virtual doctors are currently covered for eligible residents of BC enrolled in the Medical Services Plan. Appointments may be covered for patients with BC MSP. Contact our virtual clinic for more details.

Our staff’s availability varies by day. If you’d like to work with a specific doctor, ask the receptionist when you schedule your appointment.

In Canada, specialists may only be accessed by the public with a written referral by a general physician or emergency room doctor. Our virtual doctors’ appointments can provide you with a referral to a specialist, but our team of BC virtual doctors are general physicians, not specialists.

Telemedicine and virtual doctors’ visits are legal in BC and regulated by BC law. All of WalkInVirtualClinics virtual doctors are actual licensed and practising general physicians able to practice medicine in Canada.

Click on the above Book Appointment Button to start the process. Select a time for your virtual doctor’s appointment, and a member of our virtual clinic will contact you.

Hear Real Testimonials From Our Virtual Clinic Patients

Adele, 31yr Victoria, BC

My virtual doctor replaced my family doctor after she retired, and it was great working with the same doctor every time I accessed WalkInVirtualClinics.

Diana, 44yr Kelowna, BC

I needed to see a virtual doctor after a minor car accident in Kamloops. Within hours I had a prescription for an antibiotic cream and a referral for an x-ray.

John, 51yr Saltspring Island, BC

WalkInVirtualClinic’s virtual doctor appointments have replaced trips to the mainland. I no longer need to wait in a filthy, busy clinic in Vancouver – I see my virtual doctor instead!