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WalkInVirtualClinics lets you see a doctor online from anywhere in BC with Medical Services Plan coverage. Our fast and free service makes managing your heath less stressful, year-round.

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Hypochondria can strike the most level-headed of individuals when they’re sick. When facing an unknown medical condition, most people become stressed out, anxious, and insecure. Relieve your condition fast by asking a doctor online—completely free for British Columbia residents with MSP.

Should I See A Doctor About My Medical Issue?

Take the worry out of the equation and focus on your health. See a doctor online in BC from anywhere in the province, whether you’re in Prince Rupert or Port Moody, in your kitchen, your bedroom or from your living room couch. Our service makes sick days a breeze.

How WalkInVirtualClinics Goes Above and Beyond

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We Simplify

We simplify and allow you to ask a doctor about your issue online for free with valid BC MSP card.

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We Consult

We consult with a team of expert BC doctors providing online assessment and treatment

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We Provide

We provide your with the prescriptions, lab requisitions or specialist referrals you need

Revolutionizing Canadian Healthcare With Online Doctors’ Appointments

In our fast-paced, interconnected world, it’s hard to find time for the most basic of tasks, and many residents of British Columbia forego medical care due to various factors, like geographic access, parking fees, and not having the time or not wanting to miss out on work.

However, WalkInVirtualClinics is here to provide British Columbians access to doctors online, paid for by BC MSP. Never miss another check-up with our secure, fast online doctor appointments

It's Easy to See a Doctor Online BC

When you need to see a doctor in BC for an emerging medical issue, there’s nothing worse than hearing you can’t make an appointment for days—or even weeks. Our roster of online BC doctors guarantees you’ll be assessed next-day or even same-day during our clinic hours. Book your medical appointment online and get a doctor’s note for work, a prescription for insurance, or even have your medications reviewed or renewed.

You May See The Doctor Now

With next-day or better service, get instant access to BC doctors online via our secure platform. Videoconference with complete clarity and feel at ease in our doctors professionalism and practices. Sign Up to Chat online or consult over the phone—it’s your online appointment to do with as you wish.

Our online clinic provides access to BC doctors online at no cost to patients enrolled in BC MSP. We’re always growing our network of British Columbia doctors offering online consultations, and may be able to offer even better services in the future.

Get Instant Access To Your Online Doctor Appointment

Known for its distinctive mountain landscapes, gorgeous landscapes and laid-back west-Coast attitude. British Columbia is the biggest Province in Canada and is popular among Canadians.

Wait times to see a doctor in BC are long, and crowded clinics and cancelled appointments are common. We help BC residents secure  healthcare by giving them online doctor appointments. BC patients consult with our BC doctors online via our secure platform.


Any BC resident possessing a valid Medical Services Plan card can see a doctor online for free.

We think so. If you agree, leave a review or testimonial.

WalkInVirtualClinics provides appointments completely online every step of the way, from booking to prescribing.

We follow all Canadian laws concerning data protection and healthcare privacy.

Use your phone, laptop, tablet or smart device to access your online doctor appointment.

Yes, although no prescriptions will be provided for controlled or narcotic substances according to Canadian law.

Don’t Take Our Word For It—Ask Our Patients!

Rhonda, 44yr Prince George, BC

Nothing makes a sick day easier than logging into WalkInVirtualClinics and instantly asking a doctor online for a sick leave note.

Guillaume, 31yr Kelowna, BC

When I’ve come down with a cold, flu, or food poisoning, the literal last thing in the world I want to do is drag my sick body down to my local walk-in clinic and risk making myself sicker. Now I just see my doctor online, from anywhere in BC .

Trent, 62yr Surrey, BC

Making appointments for my 90-year-old father helps me stay on top of his health, and the remote capabilities save us time and trips to the mainland.