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Be it a minor or major surgery, our doctors can attend to a range of conditions, including concerns of the hernia, lymphoma, sarcoma, or digestive tract. A second opinion before opting for surgery, care post surgery, general surgery advice, or anything that is non-emergency, Walkinvirtualclinic will have you covered! Our general surgeons provide online consultations as and when required. All you need to do is book an appointment through our app or website.


A general surgeon would be helpful if you show symptoms of infections, cysts, lumps, and gallbladder related problems. Be it a second opinion before opting for surgery or general surgery advice, ask a general surgeon online all your questions. 

General surgeons are highly trained in diagnostics as well as pre-operative, operative, and post-operative care. End-to-end support is provided. They may be called general surgeons, but they are specialized in treating almost everything. They are qualified to perform surgery on the digestive tract, abdomen, breasts, skin, soft tissue, head and neck, as well as both the circulatory and the endocrine systems (a series of glands that produce hormones).

If a person cannot be operated on, the best step would be to seek some professional advice from our general surgeons.

Simply get onto our app or website, describe your condition in a few words, go through a simple verification process, and start talking to your doctor after you complete the payment. It is as easy as that!