BC Telemedicine Solution Providers During the Pandemic Virtually

More and more British Columbians are getting their health needs met through remote telemedicine. Thanks to WalkInVirtualClinics’s sophisticated telehealth and telemedicine services, get connected to doctors in British Columbia quickly.

Free for residents of BC | Completely Secure | Simple Process | Works on Your Phone or Laptop.

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Save Time With Online Telemedicine Service During the Pandemic

BC Telemedicine Made Easy via Solution Providers

WalkInVirtualClinics provides British Columbians secure, safe and convenient telemedicine services. Get an appointment with telemedicine doctors and have your medical issue assessed, diagnosed and treated with the click of a button. Our online telemedicine services let you access healthcare from anywhere in the country.

Secure Telemedicine Solution Provider

WalkInVirtualClinics present you a collaboration between our virtual telemedicine clinic’s employees and doctors, booking your appointment and protecting your confidential information. 

Connect and get access to a wide variety of primary care physicians ready to help you navigate British Columbia’s health care system. Faxed prescriptions make life easier and help make WalkInVirtualClinic the best telemedicine services in British Columbia.

How to Connect to Remote Telemedicine?

Choose time for walk in clinic online appointment

Select Appointment

Select your appointment time and wait for our telehealth providers to contact you

Connect to bc online clinic for consultation

Connect With Doctor

Connect to our secure telemedicine services and chat with our doctors

Get prescriptions from online medical clinic bc

Get Your Prescription

Get your prescription, diagnosis, or doctor’s note

Access Quality Telemedicine in British Columbia

WalkInVirtualClinics offers British Columbians same-day appointments with a selection of primary care physicians. Our secure service protects clients’ confidential information and provides reliable remote telehealth.

Our telemedicine solution providers are dedicated to providing British Columbians secure remote telehealth care that meets their needs from day to day. Our telemedicine services can help you manage your health conditions, review your medications, propose new courses of treatments and monitor progress.

Telemedicine During the Pandemic

Telemedicine can help you stay connected during the pandemic by:

Doctor Available quickly for appointment

Replacing doctor visits

stay on top of physicals and regular check-ins by accessing our remote telehealth clinic.

Reviewing medications

Online telemedicine services can review, renew and replace your prescriptions.

Managing chronic conditions

Work out a treatment plan with telemedicine for BC patients.

Get a Specialist Referral Now

Connect with our telemedicine providers to obtain a referral for a specialist.

Managing healthcare remotely

Skip waiting rooms, crowded clinics and get access from anywhere.

The Best Telemedicine Services in British Columbia

How does the remote telemedicine appointment work?


All of WalkInVirtualClinic’s telemedicine doctors are licensed and in good standing within the Community of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the Medical Council of Canada. They have the same qualifications as any doctor you’d see at a walk-in clinic in British Columbia and have the ability to prescribe medications.

WalkInVirtualClinics invests in secure technology to keep clients’ confidential information safe.

WalkInVirtualClinics is prepared to assist British Columbians with the following medical services via telemedicine in BC:

  • Physicals and annual check-ups
  • Coughs, colds, and minor ailments and injuries
  • Referrals to specialists such as allergist, cardiologists, and dermatologists
  • Hypertension, diabetes and chronic condition management
  • Non-narcotic prescription renewal, lab reports and doctor’s notes

Basic appointments are covered by BC’S MSP. Other provincial payment plans are pending. You may be charged extra for additional telemedicine services not covered by your provincial health plan.

Our secure platform works on your smartphone running Android or iOS, your desktop computer, your laptop or your tablet.

Real Testimonials From Our BC Telemedicine Patients

Dan, 32yr Vancouver, BC

WalkInVirtualClinic’s mobile telemedicine helped me access primary care when I was too busy working to make an appointment with my family doctor, and got me a prescription refill when I needed it.

Faisal, 51yr Surrey, BC

I was a little nervous before I signed up for WalkInVirtualClinic’s online telemedicine services, but their process was fast and easy and made me feel welcome.

Isabella, 19yr Victoria, BC

I moved to Vancouver for school and had a lot of trouble finding a doctor, but WalkInVirtualClinic had me covered – and I didn’t have to pay anything extra.