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When you’re sick with a virus or other health problem, the last thing you want to do is get up off the couch and head to a crowded walk in clinic. In Courtenay, BC, finding a reliable walk in medical clinic can be tough. But now you don’t have to, thanks to WalkInVirtualClinics telemedical services.

Conditions Our Courtenay Walk In Clinic Can Help With

Viral Illness

‣ Cold & Flu
‣ Covid-19


Get Your Prescriptions Online

Lab Test Reports

‣ Diagnose conditions
‣ Health evaluations
‣ Review lab Reports

Specialist Referral

‣ Allergist
‣ Cardiologist
‣ Dermatologist
‣ Gastroenterologist
‣ General Surgeon
‣ Obstetrician/Gynecologist
‣ Orthopedics

Specified Care

‣ Chronic Disease
‣ Diabetes
‣ Hypertension (blood pressure)

Sick Notes

‣ Travel restriction
‣ Work/School Absence

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Create an account by following the easy steps.


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get a qualified doctor from online walk in clinic in Courtenay

Why Wait Times At Courtenay Walk In Clinics Are So Long?

Chronic underfunding has left Kamloops with only a handful of walk in medical clinics for the second-largest city in Western British Columbia. And with only one urgent care clinic in Kamloops, BC, finding help after hours can feel impossible.

Register with our digital walk in medical clinic to see doctors in Courtenay and get same-day access from the comfort and safety of your home.

A Walk In Clinic in Courtenay You Can Rely On

No hidden fees and complete provincial coverage makes our Courtenay walk in clinic the obvious choice.

Shorter Wait Times Means More Patients Served In Courtenay, BC

See why so many patients have made the switch to our digital walk in clinic.

Here’s What Our Courtenay Walk In Can Help With:
  • Diagnosis and treatment of common medical issues
  • Treatment plan and maintenance of chronic conditions like asthma or diabetes
  • Cough, colds, viruses, sprains, breaks and aches
  • Prescription refill or renewal, faxed directly to your pharmacy in Courtenay, BC
  • Routine medical treatment or referrals to specialists from our Courtenay walk in clinic
What Walk In Clinic Courtenay Patient Says?

Testimonials From New Patients Accepted By Our Doctors:

Inocencia, 31yr Courtenay, BC

I have a chronic condition that flares up sometimes. WalkInVirtualClinics makes seeing a doctor easy on days I don’t have the spoons to drive.

Vernon, 19yr Courtenay, BC

I was worried about finding a doctor after moving for school. This made it easy.

Wendy, 24 Courtenay, BC

Super good service. Doctor was kind and took the time to listen.

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Know more about WalkInVirtualClinics

As of the day of writing, telemedical services are covered by provincial healthcare regimes in the following three provinces: Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia.

Basic services are free for patients possessing valid healthcare coverage by any of these three provinces’ medical funding bodies.

If you are not in one of these provinces, contact your MPP and ask them to support expanding provincial healthcare funding to cover telemedicine.

Our service is proprietary and offers secure encryption of basic data and metadata. Your confidential medical information is kept in a file that only employees of our clinic have access to.

You are certainly able to request to see a specific doctor, although their availabilities will vary from week to week. If you are more comfortable seeing a doctor of the same sex, or have other requirements, feel free to mention it to our staff when they call to confirm your appointment.

WalkInVirtualClinics’ services are provided through a physical walk in clinic located in British Columbia. The only difference is that our secure telemedical client allows doctors to assess, treat, and diagnose patients from anywhere. There is very little difference between our services and what you’d find at a regular walk in clinic in your area. Efficient digital scheduling just allows us to see more patients, meaning lower wait times for you.