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Our Courtenay based walk in clinic‘s team of family physicians brings experience, compassion, and technological advancement to the Courtenay area. Join today and see why so many have made the switch!

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How to Find a Family Doctor in Courtenay Quickly?

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If you are in need of a prescription refill or a new prescription, your family doctor can fax it directly to your pharmacy in Courtenay.

Finding The Right Family Doctor in Courtenay For You

A good family physician is one that’s available, one that listens to your concerns, and one that can help you tackle the challenges of life.

WalkInVirtualClinics provides same- or next-day access to a roster of Courtenay family doctors accepting new patients.

Why It Can Be Hard to Find a Family Doctor in Courtenay

Vancouver Island is undeveloped relative to its population, outside of Victoria. There are just a handful of walk-in clinics and even fewer doctors accepting new patients in Courtenay, BC, meaning you can wait a long time to see a doctor.

WalkInVirtualClinics provides on-demand consultation with family doctors in Courtenay or anywhere with an internet connection.

Why Virtual Visits Are The Way Of The Future

Telemedicine BC is revolutionizing patient care in Canada by lowering wait times and increasing efficiency. Here’s why you should make the switch:

  • No wait times – See your family doctor in Courtenay same-day.
  • No crowded rooms – Protect yourself from viruses and bacteria by staying home.
  • No placeholders – Register to get instant access to our doctors accepting new patients based in Courtenay, BC.


Our team works hard to make this part as simple as possible. It’s easy: register and provide us your information, select an appointment time, and wait for the confirmation call. You’ll be provided a secure link to set up a video call when the time comes, and you will be able to see and hear your doctor clearly.

As of 2021, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta all changed their provincial laws to recognize telemedicine as valid and just as effective as in-person visits, allowing these services to be covered by their respective provincial health insurance bodies.

We use encryption to protect your private data and keep it safe and secure. No patient records are kept on our website’s servers. We take every precaution when dealing with sensitive information.

Hear from Our Courtenay Patients
Walter, 42yr Courtenay, BC

Great. On time and no extra fees. Really quite satisfied!

Brian, 34yr Courtenay, BC

So worried about moving here for school and finding a doctor accepting new patients, but I didn’t need to worry at all!

Paul, 27yr Courtenay, BC

Loved every aspect of working with WalkInVirtualClinics. Would recommend.