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Stop shuffling from walk-in clinic to walk-in clinic across Victoria, BC. Our virtual service puts you in touch with caring, compassionate doctors accepting new patients.

Find a family doctor by working with WalkInVirtualClinics—from anywhere in Victoria, BC.

Family doctor consulting to lady patient online in Victoria

Find a Family Doctor in Victoria with 4 Steps

Register your profile

Start your onboarding process by registering to get an appointment with a family doctor taking new patients in your area.

Request a doctor

To get a doctor, ask them if they’re accepting regular checkups. If not, they’ll refer you to someone who is.

Confirm the time

Select time that works for you. Our staff member will contact you. Convey you’re looking for family doctor accepting new patients in the Victoria

Fax a prescription to pharmacy

Fax a prescription to your regular Victoria pharmacy. We make managing your medication easy.

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Our virtual walk in medical clinic in Victoria is proud to offer a range of family doctors accepting new patients. With lower wait times, you’ll see your family doctor faster, without compromising service.

Take advantage of this opportunity today to increase your odds of getting a family doctor in Victoria accepting new patients.


If you are covered by BC Medical Services Plan, signing up with our family doctors in Victoria is free.

We use a proprietary system and none of your personal information is stored on our servers.

Follow our easy four-step system above. That’s it!

If you have a good rapport with a doctor or you’d like to see a specific doctor—say, a female doctor for religious reasons—make a note with our receptionist when they call to confirm your appointment.

All basic telehealth services are covered by the British Columbia Medical Services Plan. Exceptional services, like doctors’ notes, ear cleaning, etc. may be charged an additional fee, but only if not covered by MSP.

Testimonials from Patients Accepted by Our Family Doctors in Victoria

Joshua, 26yr Fairfield & Gonzalez

I tree plant every year, which makes it hard to find a family doctor accepting new patients when I’m gone for half the season. WalkInVirtualClinics helped me get a doctor and reviewed my medications.

Erika, 37yr James Bay, BC

I had a super bad experience at my walk-in clinic in Victoria. This online clinic was a breath of fresh air.

Serge, 28yr Rockland

Not a bad word to say about this online clinic service. They provided excellent services to my family in the pandemic for almost 20 days.