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Colds and the flu sicken millions of Canadians and are responsible for millions of dollars in lost productivity each year. Yet many people who are sick with the common cold or the flu do not get the treatment they need.

WalkInVirtualClinics can assess and diagnose your common cold or flu, provide you with a prescription for medications to ease the symptoms, and determine whether or not your case requires emergency treatment (very rare, but occasionally necessary in the case of influenza). Get cold treatment online with the click of a button.

The ‘common cold’ is an upper respiratory tract infection caused by one of dozens of different viruses. The flu, or influenza, is a more serious virus, killing millions of elderly people and infants every year worldwide. If you’re feeling under the weather, consult WalkInVirtualClinics for a sick note or referral for further treatment.

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Does My Cough Need Treatment? Ask A Cough Specialist Online

The majority of coughs are harmless, if uncomfortable, and don’t require further treatment. However, if you’re short of breath or your cough doesn’t go away for several days, ask an online cough specialist to rule out further treatment or to get a prescription for a cough suppressant and get cough treatment online fast.

What Are Risk Factors for Colds and Flu? Ask a Common Cold Specialist Online

Viral infections

Previous infection by a virus weakens the cells in the lungs and throat, making your body more liable to cold and flu infection.

Environmental Irritants

Smoke, dust, and dry air make it easier to contract colds and flus.

Sufferers of Hay Fever

Hay fever and other allergies cause inflammation of the respiratory tract, making coughs and cold more likely.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux can trigger a dry cough and suppress the body’s immune defenses.

Psychological Conditions

A diagnosis of mental illness can make suffering from cold and flu more likely.

Anxiety or stress

Stress weakens the body’s immune response, leading to more infections over time.

What Do I Need to Ask A Cough Specialist Online?

To determine whether your cough is just a common cold or something more serious, keep a log of your symptoms as you remember them. Is your cough dry, or does it produce mucus? Do you have a fever? These are questions you may want to direct to your cough specialist.

The doctors at WalkInVirtualClinics are here to provide you peace of mind and to ensure all of your cough and cold symptoms are under control.

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Just like any visit to a general practitioner, you can ask our cold specialist online to evaluate your symptoms. Our doctors can get you cold treatment online by prescribing over-the-counter medication or prescription cough suppressants or anti-flu medications. Our doctors will compassionately evaluate your situation.

Yes. If you are found to have significant cold, cough, or flu symptoms, ask our common cold specialist online to evaluate you and provide you with a doctor’s note. Note: there may be an additional charge depending on which provincial health care system you are with.

Believe it or not, there is no cure for the common cold or the flu other than time and rest. Any prescribed medication including the cough treatment you get online relieve symptoms, allowing you to rest and recover.

A cough accompanied by significant fatigue, weakness, unusually high fever or lasting several weeks may require intervention. Some diseases, like whooping cough, may mimic a cough or cold but are more serious. Ask a cough specialist online to evaluate your cough and cold symptoms through WalkInVirtualClinics.