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WalkInVirtualClinics is providing high-quality medical care to patients who need it via our digital walk in medical centre in Richmond, BC. We frequently rank among the best walk in clinics in Richmond due to our compassionate doctors and speedy service.

The best part is accessing our full-service walk in clinic can be done from anywhere and is completely free for those on British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan.

Common Medical Issues Our Walk In Medical Clinic Richmond Can Help With

Viral Illness

‣ Cold & Flu
‣ Covid-19


Get Your Prescriptions Online

Lab Test Reports

‣ Diagnose conditions
‣ Health evaluations
‣ Review lab Reports

Specialist Referral

‣ Allergist
‣ Cardiologist
‣ Dermatologist
‣ Gastroenterologist
‣ General Surgeon
‣ Obstetrician/Gynecologist
‣ Orthopedics

Specified Care

‣ Chronic Disease
‣ Diabetes
‣ Hypertension (blood pressure)

Sick Notes

‣ Travel restriction
‣ Work/School Absence

Connect to Walk in Clinic Richmond in 4 Steps​

We’ve integrated user friendly technology for your medical convenience, get started with only a few steps.


Create an account by following the easy steps.


Describe your symptoms so we can schedule you with the most readily available doctor.


See the next available doctor or select the most appropriate time slot for your schedule.


Virtually meet with our doctor at your selected time by phone, tablet or computer

Patient consult with doctor from online walk in clinic in Richmond

What Makes Our Walk In Clinic One of the Best in Richmond, BC

What sets WalkInVirtualClinics apart from other walk in medical clinics in Richmond? Our digital infrastructure lets us see patients faster, reducing wait times. You still get the same quality of care as you’d receive at any physical walk in clinic in Richmond, BC, but without spending your entire day in a crowded waiting room. We reduce the average Richmond walk in clinic wait time from 86 minutes down to 4. That’s worth signing up for.

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Providing the best care via our digital walk in clinic for Richmond residents.

Our Walk In Clinic Specializes in Treating You First

At WalkInVirtualClinics, patients come first. That’s what makes us one of the best walk in clinics in Richmond, BC. Our values and our professionalism combine to provide healthcare access to everybody.

The best family doctor in richmond at our walk in clinic are ready to see you today. Take back your health and register today.

What Walk In Clinic Richmond Patient Says

Testimonials From New Patients Accepted By Our Doctors:

Kevin, 19yr Richmond, BC

I was worried about finding a doctor after moving for school. This made it easy.

Hammond, 24 Richmond, BC

Super good service. Doctor was kind and took the time to listen.

Rohr, 44yr Richmond, BC

I’m so grateful for this website. I couldn’t find a clinic open anywhere in my area when my daughter was sick. Luckily WalkInVirtualClinics was there

Jenkins, 37yr Richmond, BC

Seeing a doctor on this site was quick and easy

Have a Question?

Know more about to get a sick note online with Walkinvirtualclinics

WalkInVirtualClinics’ services are provided through a physical walk in medical clinic located in British Columbia. The only difference is that our secure telemedical client allows doctors to assess, treat, and diagnose patients from anywhere. There is very little difference between our services and what you’d find at a regular walk in clinic in your area. Efficient digital scheduling just allows us to see more patients, meaning lower wait times for you.

You are certainly able to request to see a specific doctor, although their availabilities will vary from week to week. If you are more comfortable seeing a doctor of the same sex, or have other requirements, feel free to mention it to our staff when they call to confirm your appointment.

To save time, our clinic will generally fax prescriptions directly to your regular pharmacy. It helps verify the prescription and allows doctors and pharmacists to collaborate on patients’ files. We are able to file prescriptions for most non-controlled substances.

Our service is proprietary and offers secure encryption of basic data and metadata. Your confidential medical information is kept in a file that only employees of our clinic have access to.