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Don’t let another day get in between you and your health. At WalkInVirtualClinics, we make connecting with real doctors in Cranbrook, BC, simple and easy via our digital walk in clinic. Cranbrook residents don’t need to wait any longer in filthy waiting rooms. Connect to our service and see a doctor same day.

What Our Cranbrook Walk In Clinic Can Help With:

Viral Illness

‣ Cold & Flu
‣ Covid-19


Get Your Prescriptions Online

Lab Test Reports

‣ Diagnose conditions
‣ Health evaluations
‣ Review lab Reports

Specialist Referral

‣ Allergist
‣ Cardiologist
‣ Dermatologist
‣ Gastroenterologist
‣ General Surgeon
‣ Obstetrician/Gynecologist
‣ Orthopedics

Specified Care

‣ Chronic Disease
‣ Diabetes
‣ Hypertension (blood pressure)

Sick Notes

‣ Travel restriction
‣ Work/School Absence

Talk to Cranbrook Doctors in 4 Steps

We’ve integrated user friendly technology for your medical convenience, get started with only a few steps.


Create an account by following the easy steps.


Describe your symptoms so we can schedule you with the most readily available doctor.


See the next available doctor or select the most appropriate time slot for your schedule.


Virtually meet with our doctor at your selected time by phone, tablet or computer

Get an online dr advice from walk in clinic in Cranbrook

Why Less People of Cranbrook Looking Walk In Clinics?

As one of the fastest-growing municipalities in British Columbia, Cranbrook’s growth has outpaced its ability to provide medical care to residents. Lines at Cranbrook walk in clinics can be in the hours on a bad day, and there’s no way to tell in advance how long it takes to be assessed.

Luckily, digital health care is stepping in to bridge the gap. Connect with WalkInVirtualClinics and our secure and confidential digital walk in clinic in Cranbrook, BC.

Instant Access to Our Cranbrook Walk In Clinic

Efficient scheduling means more time for our patients and less waiting.

Healthcare That Makes Sense for You

Our walk in medical clinic in Cranbrook that fits your lifestyle.

Book Appointment with Our Walk In Clinic in Cranbrook?

At WalkInVirtualClinics, we know simplifying health care benefits everybody. There are three steps to accessing our walk in medical clinic in Cranbrook:

  1. Register: Provide our staff your info and confirm your BC MSP eligibility.
  2. Select your appointment time.
  3. Consult with the doctor.

Seeing a doctor in Cranbrook can be this easy!

What Walk In Clinic Cranbrook Patient Says?

Testimonials From New Patients Accepted By Our Doctors:

Kenneth Washington, 29yr Cranbrook, BC

Seeing a doctor on this site was quick and easy.

Lori R. Baker, 35yr Cranbrook, BC

This site is a godsend on days I forget to refill my medication.

Joseph C. Moore, 26yr Cranbrook, BC

Very happy I didn’t need to wait in a crowded clinic when I had the flu.

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Yes. Antibiotics require a prescription but they are not controlled substances in Canada.

No. Only doctors are eligible to write prescriptions and all prescriptions must be accompanied with a consultation.

Our service is proprietary and offers secure encryption of basic data and metadata. Your confidential medical information is kept in a file that only employees of our clinic have access to.