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How to Register with Family Doctors in Williams Lake?

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Provide us your basic info and your valid BC MSP card number.

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The Best Reason to Find a Family Doctor

Family doctors are the first step of Canadian healthcare. A relationship with a family doctor is your primary access point to the world of medicine, and benefits Williams Lake residents in many ways. Science has confirmed that patients with access to family doctors live more years in good health.

But finding Williams Lake doctors accepting new patients is tough for even the savviest patients. Choose WalkInVirtualClinics to partner with a team of compassionate family doctors accepting new patients in Williams Lake.

Why It’s Not Easy to Find a Family Doctor in Williams Lake?

Compared to metropolitan areas like Vancouver and Victoria, residents in British Columbia’s interior deal with some of the worst healthcare inequities in the country. The average wait to see a family doctor at a walk in clinic in Williams Lake is 127 minutes, forty minutes longer than the provincial average.

6 Reasons You Should Register with Our Family Doctors

  • Consult from Williams Lake or anywhere with your family doctor online
  • Connect to the Internet for high-quality video streaming
  • Treatment, diagnosis and filling prescriptions all in one easy step
  • Free for British Columbia Medical Services Plan residents
  • Encrypted connection protects your personal information and privacy
  • Our family doctors are always accepting new patients in Williams Lake on a rolling basis


Our team works hard to make this part as simple as possible. It’s easy: register and provide us your information, select an appointment time, and wait for the confirmation call. You’ll be provided a secure link to set up a video call when the time comes, and you will be able to see and hear your doctor clearly.

As of 2021, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta all changed their provincial laws to recognize telemedicine as valid and just as effective as in-person visits, allowing these services to be covered by their respective provincial health insurance bodies.

We use encryption to protect your private data and keep it safe and secure. No patient records are kept on our website’s servers. We take every precaution when dealing with sensitive information.

Hear from Our Vernon Patients

Frank Lanning, 45yr Williams Lake, BC

I was upset when my family doctor retired and was worried about finding a family doctor in Williams Lake. I’m so happy my friend recommended this clinic, and it’s grand to have my appointments right on my old iPad!

Linda Holmes 52yr Williams Lake, BC

I like my family doctor at this clinic. He takes me seriously and provides fast service.