Connect With a Family Doctor in Vancouver

Your guide to tracking down family doctors accepting new patients in the Vancouver area

Living in Vancouver brings incredible lifestyle benefits. This city has unparalleled access to beautiful nature and combines chic industrial style with the easy pace of West Coast life.

But there can be drawbacks to your health. Finding family doctors in Vancouver taking new patients is near impossible, and wait times at local clinics average hours.

WalkInVirtualClinics is here to help with care that fits your life:

Your Vancouver family practice gone digital | Easy to register, easy to use | Same- or next-day access to Vancouver family doctors | Free for BC MSP patients

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How to Find a Family Doctor With WalkInVirtualClinics—It’s Easy!

Sign Up to Consult Virtual Doctor BC

Register your information

Select your appointment time and confirm your basic information with the staff at our Vancouver family practice.

Getting a family doctor BC Quickly

Consult with family physician

Ask for a consultation with a Vancouver family physician. Specify to the consulting staff that you are looking to speak to a doctor taking new patients.

Consult with your doctor

Bring up your medical issues, confirm your doctor is accepting new patients in the Vancouver area. If their roster is full, they will recommend you another physician who is accepting patients.

Get prescriptions from online medical clinic bc

Have prescriptions faxed direct

If you are in need of a prescription refill or a new prescription, your family doctor can fax it directly to your pharmacy in Vancouver.

Living in Vancouver

Vancouver residents may pay high rent, but they enjoy a beautiful, world-class city surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. But wait times at Vancouver family physicians’ clinics and walk-in clinics are high. In some areas, like East Hastings, the wait list to find a family doctor accepting new patients in Vancouver is as much as two to three years!

Skip the line with WalkInVirtualClinics and get instant digital access.


Not all the doctors at our virtual clinic are accepting new patients at this time, but many are. Be sure to mention your need to get a family doctor based in Vancouver when you confirm your appointment with our staff.

All the Vancouver family physicians working at WalkInVirtualClinics are licensed to practice with the Medical College of Canada and in good standing.

Read These Testimonials From Our Vancouver Patients

Adele, 33yr Vancouver

I’m happy I found a family doctor with WalkInVirtualClinics. Going to walk-in clinics around Vancouver sucked.

Amanda, 29yr Vancouver

My family physician at this digital clinic is super caring and considerate.

Raymond, 51yr Vancouver

Signing up with WalkInVirtualClinics was easier than I thought.

Geoff, 40yr Vancouver

Signed up my whole family. Super happy.