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No more waiting. No walk-in clinics. No germs. No driving to Surrey and paying $40 in parking fees. WalkInVirtualClinics is proud to provide residents all throughout Surrey direct digital consultations with family doctors taking new patients in Surrey, BC.

Don’t pay any hidden fees. Sign up with us and see a doctor as many times as you like with complete BC Medical Services Plan coverage.

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Best Family Doctors in Surrey Accepting New Patients

WalkInVirtualClinics is proud of our simple four-step digital process for signing on with family doctors. Click and join dozens of Surrey residents who found their family doctor with us.

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Our doctors are general physicians with experience as both walk-in clinic and family doctors. Ask your doctor if he or she is taking new patients or refer to someone.

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Access your appointment with your family doctor from anywhere in Surrey, from South Surrey to Newton.

Get prescriptions faxed to pharmacies

Your refills and renewals can be faxed directly to a pharmacy of your choice in the Surrey We’ll even send doctors’ notes directly to work.

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Our new walk in medical clinic in surrey is currently accepting new patients on a family doctor basis. Our speedy service increases the number of patients our doctors can take on.

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Say Good Bye to Waiting Times for Walk-In Clinics in Surrey

Throughout Canada, walk-in clinics have long wait times. Urgent care facilities are even worse—you might wait ten to twelve hours to be assessed on a bad day. And the facilities in Surrey, BC, are some of the worst. Join the patients that have taken back their health by finding a family doctor accepting new patients through our virtual family practice.


Wait times vary according to demand, but most patients in Surrey are able to see a family doctor same- or next-day with our digital general practice clinic.

Every family doctor working at WalkInVirtualClinics has the same practicing and prescribing privileges as any other doctor licensed to practice medicine in Canada. We simply offer our services online as a way to increase access to healthcare in Surrey.

If you have a good rapport with a doctor or you’d like to see a specific doctor—say, a female doctor for religious reasons—make a note with our receptionist when they call to confirm your appointment.

Finding family doctors accepting new patients is covered by British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan.

Hear from Our Surrey Patients
Tim, 28yr South Surrey, BC

Seemed too good to be true. I like working with my family doctor

Domenica, 42yr South Surrey, BC

Was sick of the runaround from other family practices in Surrey. Happy I found this!

Marcella, 53yr Surrey Central, BC

I was tired of looking for a family doctor in Surrey, BC. Really reduced my stress

Alix, 36yr North Surrey, BC

What a relief to find a family doctor for my kids!