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WalkInVirtualClinics recognizes the importance of access to healthcare for everyone. That’s why we’ve partnered with family doctors in Squamish to provide online consultations for patients who need it. Join with us and benefit in the following ways:

  • Shorter wait times
  • Talk to your family doctor from anywhere
  • No more crowded clinics
  • Competent and professional care
  • Free for patients enrolled in BC MSP
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We’ll send your prescription to any pharmacy in the Squamish.

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WalkInVirtualClinics speedy and secure service drastically reduces wait times, making healthcare more efficient for patients in Squamish. This lets our doctors accept new patients more frequently than they would at a physical walk-in clinic. Join our patient roster and get notified when our doctors are taking new patients in and around Squamish, BC.

Why the Wait Times to Find a Family Doctor in Squamish Are So Long

With nearly 20,000 residents in and around Squamish and just a handful of doctors and walk-in clinics, finding family doctors accepting new patients in Squamish would test anyone’s patience. Luckily, WalkInVirtualClinics helps by bridging the gap with telehealth and virtual consultations.

Benefits of Joining with Our Squamish Family Doctors

It’s our mission to make healthcare more accessible. Work with us to:

  • Manage and review prescriptions
  • Get basic injuries and maladies treated
  • Come up with a chronic care plan
  • Register with our doctors accepting new patients
  • Get referred to a specialist for more complex medical issues


Follow our simple four-step process and mention to your general physician during your consultation that you are looking for a Squamish based family doctor accepting new patients. You can book repeat visits with your doctor of choice at WalkInVirtualClinics.

As of 2021, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta all changed their provincial laws to recognize telemedicine as valid and just as effective as in-person visits, allowing these services to be covered by their respective provincial health insurance bodies.

We’re proud of our team, and they’re always growing. All of our physicians are fully licensed and insured family practice physicians conducting virtual visits over WalkInVirtualClinics secure server. We have both male and female doctors and doctors that speak several languages, so please request a particular one. We want you to feel comfortable and secure during your appointment.

Hear From Our Squamish Patients
Clifton , 47yr Squamish, BC

I went from walk-in clinic to virtual clinic looking for a family doctor in Squamish and none of the doctors were accepting new patients. WalkInVirtualClinics solved that.

Kennethn, 32yr Squamish, BC

Registering with my family doctor was super in Squamish. Did it on my phone and got the appointment right there!