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Welcome to WalkInVirtualClinics, with a team of family doctors consulting and accepting new patients in the Port Coquitlam area.

Skip the crowded waiting room, late appointments and missed days at work. Consult with Port Coquitlam family doctors digitally and save time and money.

Book your appointment in our Port Coquitlam patient registry and consult with family doctors accepting new patients same-day.

Virtual care from wherever | Wide roster of Port Coquitlam doctors accepting new patients | Prescriptions faxed directly to pharmacy | Covered by BC MSP

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How We Can Help You Find a Family Doctor in Port Coquitlam?

Our four-stage process is easy. Just follow these steps:

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Register your patient profile

Provide the basic information required for WalkInVirtualClinics’ patient registry and supply us the availability for your consultation.

Confirm your appointment

You’ll be contacted by a member of our team and have your consultation with our family doctors accepting new patients confirmed.

Consult with our family doctors

Ask your doctor if he/she is taking new patients. If not, they’ll refer you to someone who is.

Get prescriptions from online medical clinic bc
Get your prescription or doctor’s note faxed

WalkInVirtualClinics provides prescriptions directly to your Port Coquitlam pharmacy.

What to Expect Working With a Doctor For New Port Coquitlam Patients & Families

It’s widely accepted in the medical profession that patients fare better when they have a regular family doctor to explain their care to them, consult with them and manage prescriptions, and monitor their health long-term. Port Coquitlam residents are no exception to that rule, and family doctors serve as the first point of access to the health care system.

But finding a family doctor in Port Coquitlam, or anywhere in Metro Vancouver is a difficult, time-consuming process, filled with rejection and failure.

Walk in clinic in port coquitlam revolutionizes patient care by providing instant digital access to family doctors accepting new patients.

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Select an appointment time and register your information with us. Confirm the appointment time. Mention to the doctor during your consultation that you’re looking to work with a family doctor on a long-term basis.

All of our family doctors serving Port Coquitlam patients are licensed to practice medicine and prescribe in Canada, and are in good standing with the Royal College of Canada.

Wait times at clinics in Port Coquitlam as much as two hours. We provide access to family doctors without waiting.