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Register with WalkInVirtualClinics and be added to our digital patient roster instantly. Same- or next-day digital walk-in appointments help patients find a family doctor in Parksville, BC, or wherever they are. We’re a walk in virtual clinic providing top-quality virtual care to patients, free with British Columbia Medical Services Plan.

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Get in Touch With Our Parksville Doctors Accepting New Patients

Joining WalkInVirtualClinics is easy. Follow these four simple steps:

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Register with us

Provide your information, your BC's MSP plan number, and confirm the time and date of your appointment.

Confirm with your doctor

Confirm with your doctor that he or she is taking new patients currently. Check your medical history and any medications you may take.

Consult with the doctor

Tell them you’re looking to find a family doctor based in the Parkville area.

Get prescriptions instantly

If you are in need of a prescription refill or a new prescription, your family doctor can fax it directly to your pharmacy in Parksville.

About Finding a Family Doctor in Parksville

Parksville has some of the longest wait times for walk-in clinics on Vancouver Island. Many Parksville residents have had their family doctors retire, with no word on whether other family doctors in the area are accepting new patients.

Clinics that do have a reputation for excellence, like Weld Street Clinic, are no longer accepting new patients.

Partner With Some Of the Best Family Doctors in Parksville

Take control of your health and work with WalkInVirtualClinics to get your health needs addressed.

We’re always accepting new patients, and we can:


Due to recent changes in the law, telemedicine services are covered for patients holding valid coverage with BC MSP. We are working to get free telemedicine services for everyone in Canada; lobby your local MPP about virtual visits. Note that some fees may apply for services not covered by provincial insurance, like ear cleaning or providing written doctors’ notes to patients workplaces or educational institutions.

You can consult with the doctors at WalkInVirtualClinics in any instance you would head to either a family physician or to a walk-in clinic. This includes common medical complaints like colds, viruses, or influenza, simple dermatological problems, or sprains. These services are not suitable for emergencies. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please head directly to your local emergency department.

You bet. Our doctors have the same prescribing powers as any family physician in Canada. We’re able to renew and refill prescriptions for existing medications, as well as provide new prescriptions for emerging illnesses or conditions. Note that we are unable to prescribe controlled substances like opioids or amphetamines.

We’ll even fax your prescription directly to your pharmacy, saving you even more time. It’s part of our commitment to simplifying healthcare.

Hear from Our Parksville Patients
Tena , 66yr Parksville, BC

Really saves a bundle on parking and I don’t spend the whole day waiting as a patient. Walkinvirtualclinics is the best place to get family doctors virtually.

Vickie, 29yr Parksville, BC

WalkInVirtualClinics helped me get the best family doctor in Parksville and reviewed my medications online quickly.