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North Vancouver combines the benefits of living in Vancouver with even more access to nature.

But North Vancouver residents know most family doctors in the area are not taking new patients. This causes long wait times at walk-in clinics and delays access to healthcare. Rely on North Van walk in clinic‘s digital consultations for your family doctor needs instead!

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Register With Our North Vancouver Doctors Accepting New Patients in Four Steps

Confirm your information

Confirm your info with the staff at our North Vancouver clinic, then select your desired appointment time.

Mention your query

Be sure to mention you’re looking for a North Vancouver family doctor. Confirm with our that you are looking to speak to a doctor taking new patients.

Consult with your family doctor

Our general physicians caring and compassionate attitude make them among the best doctors in North Vancouver. Request to be taken on on a family doctor basis.

Fax your prescription to pharmacies

Your family doctor will fax your prescription to pharmacies in North Vancouver, and our simple process makes booking repeat visits easy.

Giving You Access to The Best Family Doctors in North Vancouver

Wait times at North Vancouver family doctors’ clinics and walk-in clinics are usually long. You may wait as little as forty-five minutes, but can spend as much as a full half-day at a walk-in clinic waiting to be seen and assessed. In some areas, like Indian River, patients can languish on the wait list for North Vancouver family doctors accepting new patients for as long as two to three years!


Follow our simple four-step process and mention to your general physician during your consultation that you are looking for a North Vancouver-based family doctor accepting new patients. You can book repeat visits with your doctor of choice at WalkInVirtualClinics.

WalkInVirtualClinics is a real, practicing medical clinic staffed with real family doctors, and we accept new patients all throughout BC, including North Vancouver. Our basic services are covered for Medical Services Plan patients as per British Columbia’s changes to Telehealth coverage introduced with the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

Read Reviews From Our Family Doctor’s Clients Living in North Vancouver

Irma, 64yr North Vancouver

Going to walk-in clinics located around North Vancouver wasn’t easy at my age and usually ate up my whole day. Glad I made the switch.

Jim, 55yr North Vancouver

I think my doctor is one of the best family doctors in North Vancouver. Goes the extra mile every time.

Keiran, 24yr North Vancouver

Registering with my family doctor was super—Did it on my phone and got the appointment right there!