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WalkInVirtualClinics is proud to partner with top-quality family doctors in New Westminster—and right now, many are accepting new patients.

Studies show that patients with a connection to a family physician live longer, have fewer medical issues, and need fewer hospital visits.

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Looking for a Family Doctor in New Westminster? We Can Help

Our family physicians operate on a holistic basis, not just diagnosing your ailments and providing prescriptions but ensuring you’re cared for. Combining top-tier technology with compassionate medical care is why we’re among the best family doctors in New Westminster.

We're Providing Access to New Westminster Family Doctors

This part is simple. Royal Columbia on 107-301 E Columbia St has great reviews, but if you don’t get there when the clinic opens you could wait all day. Our virtual clinic bridges the gap, providing access to New Westminster family doctors at the touch of a button.

Simply provide us your information, register your BC MSP number, and you’re good to go!

Finding a Family Doctor Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

WalkInVirtualClinics wants to bring better healthcare to Canadians. Here’s what you can do with our family doctors in New Westminster:

  • Get added to the roster for doctors accepting new patients.
  • Treat colds, flus, and infections
  • Get referred to a specialist
  • Have prescriptions faxed directly to your pharmacy


All of the physicians working at WalkInVirtualClinics are fully licensed to practice medicine in Canada and in good standing with the Royal Canadian College of Medicine. They have the same prescribing and treatment privileges as any other doctor working in Canada. You will receive the same quality of care as you would at any urgent care clinic or walk in clinic in New Westminster.

We’re proud of our team, and they’re always growing. All of our physicians are fully licensed and insured family practice physicians conducting virtual visits over WalkInVirtualClinics secure server. We have both male and female doctors and doctors that speak several languages, so please request a particular one. We want you to feel comfortable and secure during your appointment.

Due to recent changes in the law, telemedicine services are covered for patients holding valid coverage with BC MSP, AHCIP or OHIP. We are working to get free telemedicine services for everyone in Canada; lobby your local MPP about virtual visits. Note that some fees may apply for services not covered by provincial insurance, like ear cleaning or providing written doctors’ notes to patients workplaces or educational institutions.

Hear From Our New Westminster Patients
Aaron , 26yr New Westminster, BC

Loved every aspect of working with WalkInVirtualClinics. Would recommend.

Louis, 46yr New Westminster, BC

No wait, no lineup, and best of all, no extra fees.