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Get the healthcare you need, without waiting at our Maple Ridge walk in clinic. Our roster of Maple Ridge doctors accepting new patients can help you:

  • Fill prescriptions fast
  • Treat common colds, flus, and viruses
  • Get referred to a specialist like a dermatologist
  • Have lab work prepared and analyzed
  • Develop chronic care management plan

Finding a Family Doctor in Maple Ridge is Easy Now

This city south of the Golden Ears is known for its artistic community and beautiful nature. But it’s also known for long wait times at urgent care clinics and clinics closing their doors at 5PM. WalkInVirtualClinics can save time and help bridge the gap for Maple Ridge residents seeking family doctors accepting new patients.

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Choose WalkInVirtualClinics as your family doctor in Maple Ridge. Our values:

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  • Protecting your data
  • Being among the best family doctors in Maple Ridge, or anywhere

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At present, basic services by WIVC are covered by British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan, Ontario’s Health Insurance Plan, and Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. We’re working to expand eligibility in other provinces. If you are enrolled in these three provincial insurance plans with an up-to-date health card, basic assessments and services are completely free.

You bet. Our doctors have the same prescribing powers as any family physician in Maple Ridge. We’re able to renew and refill prescriptions for existing medications, as well as provide new prescriptions for emerging illnesses or conditions. Note that we are unable to prescribe controlled substances like opioids or amphetamines.

We’ll even fax your prescription directly to your pharmacy, saving you even more time. It’s part of our commitment to simplifying healthcare.

Due to recent changes in the law, telemedicine services are covered for patients holding valid coverage with BC MSP, AHCIP or OHIP. We are working to get free telemedicine services for everyone in Canada; lobby your local MPP about virtual visits. Note that some fees may apply for services not covered by provincial insurance, like ear cleaning or providing written doctors’ notes to patients workplaces or educational institutions.

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Kenneth, 32yr Maple Ridge, BC

Nothing makes a sick day easier than logging into WalkInVirtualClinics and instantly asking a family doctor online.

James , 22yr Maple Ridge, BC

Was sick of the runaround from other family practices in Maple Ridge. Happy I found this!