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Are you looking for a family doctor in Langford, BC? WalkInVirtualClinics is here for you. Our digital service instantly connects you with doctors accepting new patients in the Langford area, and with our secure server, you can consult the doctor any time of day.

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When Should I Consult with My Langford Family Doctor?

As top-quality family doctors accepting patients in Langford, BC, our physicians are qualified and able to best help you:

  • Treat and diagnose most common issues, from colds and flus to broken bones.
  • Renew, review and refill prescriptions over video chat or by fax.
  • Referring you to dermatologists, cardiologists, or other specialists.
  • Creating chronic health care management plans for issues like diabetes.
  • Helping you reach your goals and take charge of your own health.

Find a Best Family Doctor in Langford with Us

Finding a family doctor accepting new patients in Langford can be a challenge. The average wait time at the walk-in clinics, like Westshore Urgent Primary Care, is over an hour. Sometimes you might wait a whole afternoon.

WalkInVirtualClinics lowers wait times and improves healthcare efficiency. And best of all, it’s free for Langford residents enrolled in BC’s Medical Services Plan.

Our Values

At our walk in clinic in Langford, our doctors strive to provide excellent care to patients in Langford. We hold the following values in mind:

  • Caring—Our family doctors care for patients in Langford with authentic trust.
  • Compassionate—We take the time to understand your situation.
  • Competent—No need for a second opinion.
  • Clinical expertise—our Langford family doctors are recognized in their field.


Our team works hard to make this part as simple as possible. It’s easy: register and provide us your information, select an appointment time, and wait for the confirmation call. You’ll be provided a secure link to set up a video call when the time comes, and you will be able to see and hear your doctor clearly.

As of 2021, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta all changed their provincial laws to recognize telemedicine as valid and just as effective as in-person visits, allowing these services to be covered by their respective provincial health insurance bodies.

We use encryption to protect your private data and keep it safe and secure. No patient records are kept on our website’s servers. We take every precaution when dealing with sensitive information.

Hear From Our Langford Patients
Charles, 27yr Langford, BC

WalkInVirtualClinics helped me get the best family doctor in Langford and reviewed my medications online quickly.

Ronald , 62yr Langford, BC

Really saves a bundle on parking and I don’t spend the whole day waiting as a patient. Walkinvirtualclinics is the best place to get family doctors virtually.