Your Guide to Doctors in Kamloops Accepting New Patients

How to register with our Kamloops family doctors

WalkInVirtualClinics is pleased to announce our doctors are accepting new patients in the Kamloops area. Skip the wait. Join the hundreds of residents living across Kamloops that work with WalkInVirtualClinics to find reliable doctors in Kamloops accepting new patients.

Visiting your family doctor virtually with WalkInVirtualClinics is covered by BC Medical Services Plan, just as any family doctor in Kamloops would be.

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Register With Our Kamloops Doctors Accepting New Patients in Four Steps:

Final Step to book online doctor appointment bc residents
Confirm your information

Confirm your info with the staff at our Kamloops clinic, then select with your desired appointment date and time.

Getting a family doctor BC Quickly
Mention your query

Be sure to mention you’re looking for a Kamloops family doctor. Confirm that you are looking to speak to a doctor taking new patients.

Expect Consistent treatment at Virtual Clinic BC
Consult with your family doctor

Our general physicians caring and compassionate attitude make them the best doctors in Kamloops. Request to be taken on on a family doctor basis.

get medications via online prescription
Fax your prescription to pharmacies

Your family doctor will fax your prescription to pharmacies in Kamloops, and our simple process makes booking repeat visits easy.

Why You Need to Find a Family Doctor in Kamloops

The evidence is in: getting a family doctor in bc will benefit the health of you and your family, and for years. But often doctors aren’t accepting new patients in Kamloops before retiring or closing their practice. Here’s how our virtual service can help:

  • Less waiting—select your appointment time and get linked up with physicians accepting new patients in the Kamloops area
  • Prescriptions faxed directly—have your prescription sent directly to your pharmacy, letting you pick it up at your convenience
  • Access your appointment from anywhere—on any device, anywhere in the world with an Internet connection

Why Wait Times to Find a Doctor Accepting New Patients in Kamloops Are High

Wait times at family doctors’ clinics and walk in clinics in Kamloops are high. In certain neighbourhoods, the wait to find a doctor in Kamloops accepting new patients can be up to two years!

Care That Meets Your Needs

Join the patients across Kamloops that have registered with our family physicians and get your health in order. We promise you:

  • Care: our Kamloops family doctors take the time to understand your situation.
  • Consideration: our physicians consider all angles and will direct you to a second opinion if necessary
  • Competency: our family doctors are among the best in Kamloops
  • Compassion: get treated like a family friend—it’s shown to improve patient outcomes


We’re proud of our team, and they’re always growing. All of our physicians are fully licensed and insured family practice physicians conducting virtual visits over WalkInVirtualClinics secure server. We have both male and female doctors and doctors that speak several languages, so please request a particular one. We want you to feel comfortable and secure during your appointment.

Due to recent changes in the law, telemedicine services are covered for patients holding valid coverage with BC MSP, AHCIP or OHIP. We are working to get free telemedicine services for everyone in Canada; lobby your local MPP about virtual visits. Note that some fees may apply for services not covered by provincial insurance, like ear cleaning or providing written doctors’ notes to patients workplaces or educational institutions.

Read Reviews From Our Family Doctor’s Clients Living in Kamloops
Clifford , 62yr Kamloops, BC

Going to walk-in clinics located around Kamloops wasn’t easy at my age and usually ate up my whole day. Glad I made the switch.

Leroy, 57yr Kamloops, BC

I think my doctor is one of the best family doctors in Kamloops. Goes the extra mile every time.

Eric, 34yr Kamloops, BC

Registering with my family doctor was super—Did it on my phone and got the appointment right there!