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Link compassion and competency by partnering with WalkInVirtualClinics for all your healthcare needs. We’re always accepting new patients in and around Abbotsford, and our secure digital survive reduces wait times so you can move on with your day.

Patient taking medical care from family doctor Abbotsford

Consult With Our Abbotsford Family Doctors Online Same or Next Day

Our medical clinic in Abbotsford helps residents connect with family doctors accepting new patients via our four-step system:

Get Virtual Healthcare Services in BC

Provide the basic information required for WalkInVirtualClinics’ patient registry

Confirm your appointment

You’ll be contacted by a member of our team and confirm from our family doctors.


Meet with our doctors accepting new patients in Abbotsford online.

Get prescriptions from a family doctor in Vancouver
Follow-up care

Get prescriptions, referrals, or doctors notes faxed where you need them.

More Info About Abbotsford’s Family Doctor Shortage

Competition to find family doctors accepting new patients in Abbotsford is fierce. Most Abbotsford residents commute, meaning that medical infrastructure like walk-in clinics or urgent care clinics aren’t a priority.

As a result, most Abbotsford doctors aren’t accepting new patients. Log-in to WalkInVirtualClinics secure service and instantly meet a new family doctor of BC. Fast, and free—for MSP participants.

Connect With Family Doctor Abbotsford at the Touch Of a Button

Register with WalkInVirtualClinics and select your appointment time. You’ll be connected with one of our doctors that’s accepting new patients, whether you’re in Abbotsford or halfway across the world. Digital consultations give you peace of mind from anywhere with an internet connection. We can help you with:

  • Finding an Abbotsford family doctor accepting new patients
  • Diagnosing and treating common medical issues
  • Prescriptions faxed to your pharmacy
  • Referrals to specialists for more complex health problems
  • Getting lab work requested, analyzed or explained


At present, basic services by WIVC are covered by British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan, Ontario’s Health Insurance Plan, and Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. We’re working to expand eligibility in other provinces. If you are enrolled in these three provincial insurance plans with an up-to-date health card, basic assessments and services are completely free.

At WalkInVirtualClinics, we’re proud to provide a roster of caring and compassionate family doctors to choose from. If you develop a good rapport with the doctor you’re consulting with, ask to be taken on as a patient on a regular basis. Not all our doctors are currently accepting new patients, but many are. Simply ask to see one that is when you confirm your appointment.

All of the physicians working at WalkInVirtualClinics are fully licensed to practice medicine in Canada and in good standing with the Royal Canadian College of Medicine. They have the same prescribing and treatment privileges as any other doctor working in Canada. You will receive the same quality of care as you would at any urgent care clinic or walk-in clinic.

Read Reviews From Our Family Doctor’s Clients Living in Abbotsford
Jean, 37yr Abbotsford, BC

Registering with my family doctor was super—Did it on my phone and got the appointment right there!

Julio, 45yr Abbotsford, BC

I think my doctor is one of the best family doctors in Abbotsford. Goes the extra mile every time.

Frank, 54yr Abbotsford, BC

Going to walk-in clinics located around Abbotsford wasn’t easy at my age and usually ate up my whole day. Glad I made the switch.