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Register with us to get your online doctor appointment. BC residents may now talk to doctors online and bill the BC provincial health service, just like they would for a visit to their family doctor. These virtual doctor appointments help BC residents stay happy and healthy, and help them integrate quality healthcare into their busy lives.

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Blessed with stunning landscapes and some of Canada’s most vibrant cities, British Columbia is a province that five million people call home. But finding a family doctor isn’t easy for most people living in BC. Virtual doctors’ appointments help fill the gap.

That’s why WalkInVirtualClinics provides a simple virtual doctor service for BC residents. We make it easy to get connected to BC doctors online with the click of a button.

How Our Online Virtual Doctors in BC Can Help

Appointments with General Practitioners

Our online virtual doctors help BC residents with basic medical issues.

Referrals to Specialists

If you need a specialist, our team of online doctors get the process moving.

Prescriptions Faxed to Your Pharmacy

BC residents get prescriptions faxed to their pharmacy from our virtual walk-in clinic.

Lab work Requisition

Have blood panels requisitioned by our virtual care team.

Sick Notes and Medical Exemptions

Get doctors’ notes from our virtual clinic in BC for your workplace.

Quality Virtual Care Canada-Wide

Visit our virtual clinic from Fruitvale to Kamloops.

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The most westerly province in Canada, British Columbia is known for its iconic mountain landscapes, beautiful natural features and laid-back Pacific style. Vancouver is the third largest metropolitan area in Canada and the cultural capital of Western Canada.

Unfortunately, wait times to see a doctor in BC are long, and crowded clinics and cancelled appointments abound. We help BC residents access healthcare by providing online doctor appointments. BC patients get connected to our secure virtual clinic quickly and easily.

We’re here to help with anything from specialist referrals to prescription refill requests. Register for WalkInVirtualClinic service and talk to a doctor online in BC today.


Our service is covered by British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan, and all our BC doctors working online are fully licensed and in good standing with the Royal College of Physicians and the Medical Council of Canada.

WalkInVirtualClinics doctors are as qualified and with as much experience as those at your local walk-in clinic. Our secure service protects your data. All you miss out on is the full waiting room.

In British Columbia, a visit to a specialist is only possible and covered by MSP if you have a valid referral from a family doctor or general practitioner. WalkInVirtualClinics provides assessments by general practitioners through our BC doctor appointments online, letting you access the specialists you need that much faster.

Select the appointment time that works for you and you’ll be connected to a British Columbia online doctor as soon as possible. Most of our clients are scheduled and assessed the same day, as long as they book within the virtual clinic hours. You’ll skip the wait time and the crowded waiting room.

Yes. Provide us the fax and phone number of your regular pharmacy or bring them to your virtual doctor appointment. We fax your prescription to your pharmacy. Note that this does not apply to controlled substances such as narcotics.

Yes, although some fees may apply. We provide you with a written note for your insurance company or workplace if necessary.