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I was suffering from cough & cold during the Pandemic. I book an appointment with a Virtual Doctor at WalkInVirtualClinic & the experience was splendid.

Matthew Johnson Toronto, ON
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My husband was suffering from severe headache, as it was a pandemic so a Virtual Doctor was only the option. I decided to consult an online doctor at WalkInVirtualClinic & with right medications he was well.

Jessica Muller Oshawa, ON
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My son was having skin inflammation. A concept of Virtual Skin Doctor was a new to me. With proper medication, he started feeling well in 48 hours.

Marcos William Vancouver, BC
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Problems Related to Acne or Skin Disease?

An Online Skin Doctor Consultation is available at your convenience. Book a Consultation expert Skin doctors in Canada from the comfort of your home.


If you experience dryness, itchiness, and redness after having accidentally touched something or your skin rubbing against something, it could be a common skin rash or skin allergy. Regular skin ointments and moisturizers take care of mild discomfort caused by skin rashes. However, an online skin doctor consultation should be considered if the itching persists. 

There are some common tests that are recommended by online skin care doctors. The Patch test diagnoses skin allergies by applying allergens on the skin surface and noting the reactions. 

Culture tests are for the bacteria, fungus, or virus by scraping the skin or nail surface. A biopsy diagnoses serious conditions like skin cancer by taking a skin sample from abnormal skin growth or lesion.

Patients suffering from multiple acne or facial issues like skin aging, skin damage, and similar problems should immediately consult a skin specialist online. For scar treatments, skin cancer, eczema, skin inflammation, and fungal infection, you should consult an online dermatologist doctor. For any skin-related infections or problems, immediately consult an online skin doctor.